Dynamometer, Kistler 9257B

The dynamometer consists of four three-component force sensors fitted under high preload between a baseplate and a top plate. Each sensor contains three pairs of quartz plates, one sensitive to pressure in the z direction and the other two responding to shear in the x and y directions respectively. The force components are measured practically without displacement. The outputs of the four built-in force sensors are connected inside the dynamometer in a way to allow multicomponent measurements of forces and moments to be performed.


•Cutting force measurement in precision machining such as:

•cutting wafers

•grinding hard-disk read heads

•diamond turning

•high speed machining

•Ultra-high precision machining of brittle hard materials

•Multicomponent force measurement of small forces

•Force measurement in confined spaces

•Cutting force measurements on turning machines

•Calibration of force measuring devices of tool monitoring systems

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February 1, 1999