MULTISOLVENT Delivery Sys, Waters 600E

The Waters 600E system is a high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) multisolvent delivery system with a 225 µL pump head volume at 45 mL/min flow rate or 100 µL pump head volume at 20 mL/min flow rate. It has a 0.01 to 45.0 mL/min operating flow rate range adjustable in 0.01 mL/min increments. It also has a single keypad control with PowerLine™ system controller. Its method storage allows access to previously created gradient, event, autosampler, and detector programs. It has eleven preprogrammed gradient profiles including: Step change at start of segment, Step change at end of segment, Linear change, Four convex gradient curves, and Four concave gradient curves. System control of PowerLine detectors and autoinjectors through IEEE-488 interface. RS-232 serial communications interface. Polymeric and stainless steel flow path with low-permeability CO2/O2 tubing.

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January 1, 1998