HVP-50 Autoclave

The HVP-50 autoclave, with a 50-L chamber, is a self-contained, portable floor model mounted on caster wheels.  It occupies minimum floor space, operates at 120V, and can fit conveniently into many locations in the laboratory.

Its many uses include the sterilization and drying of glassware and pipette tips, and the sterilization of wastes and liquids such as agar and media.

The HVP-50 model can accommodate a 10-L fermenter, a 15-L carboy, a 19” x 24” biohazard bag, six 1-L flasks, twenty-one 500-mL bottles, or one hundred eighty 20-mm test tubes.

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Quentin Burdick Bldg
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September 12, 2006