Plate Roller, New Egle A31

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Initial pinch plate rolls work by 'pinching' the flat sheet between two counter-opposed rolls while the third offset roll or ‘bending roll’ moves upward to contact and then bend the sheet. When rotation of the rollers is activated, the sheet exits at a given radius. With the sheet cut to the developed length and the bending roll properly positioned; the part is rolled into a cylindrical form, where it can then be welded at the seam to produce a cylinder. The upper roll is in a fixed position; the lower pinch roll can move up/down to pinch the material. The third roll (the forming roll) is also adjustable. To remove a rolled cylinder, it must be extracted from off of the top roll via the forward tilting top roll. In most applications, these machines require removal and re-insertion of the sheet to pre-bend both ends.

Standard features include:

•Powered rotation on top & pinch rolls

•Induction hardened rolls (54-56 HRC)

•Bending roll power adjusts up & down

•Push button controls on remote pedestal

•Forward release top roll w/ safety lock

•Emergency stop & safety trip wire

•Keyed safety lockout on control panel

•Linear scales for precise positioning

•Low voltage 24v AC controls

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September 1, 2002