The Tecan EVO liquid handling system is utilized to automate the various protocols and procedures of the high-throughput biological assays. It contains a liquid handling arm (LiHa) that can work with both tubes and plates enabling rapid tube to multi-well plate sample transfers and dilutions. The LiHa is equipped with eight tips configured with a wide combination of fixed and disposable options. Bulk reagent additions can be performed with these devices or with integrated reagent dispensers. This system is also configured with a Robotic manipulator (RoMa) arm, which allows the integration of peripherals around all four sides of the Freedom EVO deck. An incubator is mounted at the end of the deck and maintains precise control over temperature (–20 to 95°C), CO2, humidity and shaking. The deck has been modified (right) by CNSE engineers to appropriately handle 24-well plates for reagent additions and extractions. A Tecan Safire2 is mounted on the rear of the deck and is utilized for fluorescence, luminescence and absorbance measurements.

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December 1, 2004