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• D8 Discover with GADDS Multipurpose X-Ray Diffractometer • Bruker AXS’ D8 Discover with GADDS is a multipurpose X-Ray Diffractometer capable of performing a variety of analytical techniques with minimal reconfiguration. X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) is an extremely powerful technique utilizing non-destructive analysis to study a wide range of materials. Research Ops in-house D8 Discover plays a significant role in the analysis and characterization of sputtered thinfilms and synthesized crystalline and semicrystalline materials. XRD is best known for phase identification of crystalline solids. However, this particular instrument can be configured to perform X-Ray Reflectometry experiments allowing thorough characterization of films or film stacks with a total thickness less than 1μm. The D8 Discover is also equipped to perform crystallite size, stress, and texture analyses. Analytical Techniques § General X-Ray Diffraction Analysis § Grazing Incidence Diffraction § Microdiffraction § Phase Identification § X-Ray Reflectometry § High Throughput Screening Features § Highest flux density provided to the X-ray by third generation Göbel Mirrors § Different optics can be selected and switched in order to obtain the best resolution for each specific application and sample type § Advanced software makes complex measurements simple and insures that data analysis is up to date with the most recent technology and science § Fully automated operations are possible with the system which is designed for easy and fail safe operation

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November 1, 2004