BioPotentiostat AFCBP1

Multi-Purpose Potentiostat and Galvanostat. The AFCBP1 can be operated as either a three or four electrode potentiostat for use in many kinds of electrochemical experiments, including cyclic voltammetry, anodic stripping voltammetry, rotated  disk voltammetry, rotated ring-disk voltammetry, and interdigitized array experiments. It can also be operated as a two-electrode device for tracing the current-voltage characteristics of electrochemical systems.

Analog Sweep Generator

The dual range Sweep Generator produces a true analog voltage sweep. The user controls the sweep rate and limits rather than the period or frequency of the sweep. Attention has been applied to the circuit design to provide flexibility in adjusting, sweeping, or stopping the sweep at any point in a particular cycle. 

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August 3, 2006