Olympus Patch Clamp Leeds Precision Ins.

Patch clamp rig built around an Olympus IX71 inverted microscope with 10X U Plan Fluorite Phase Contrast and 60X U Plan S-Apochromat water objectives.

Axopatch 200B amplifier with pClamp10 software, Digidata 1440A, SD9 stimulator.

PCS-5200 micromanipulators.

It is capable of simultaneous imaging via TTL synchronization module from Leeds. Imaging set-up includes ORCAER deep cooled monochrome camera with ER-150 progressive scan interline CCD.

Xenon light source, sutter 10 position 25mm filter wheel with SmartShutter controlled by Lambda 10-3, and SlideBook for data acquisition.

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Sudro Hall
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October 8, 2007