MultiChem Reference600 System

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The Reference 600™ is a high performance Potentiostat/Galvanostat/ZRA for demanding electrochemical applications. It is ideal for fundamental electrochemical studies in areas as diverse as physical electrochemistry, corrosion measurement, batteries, coatings, nanotechnology, and sensor development.

How do we define high performance? Blazing speed, wide current range, low noise, high sensitivity, and unsurpassed versatility combined with ease of connectivity.

The Reference 600 measures EIS between 10 Ohms and 100,000 Ohms at 1 MHz with less than 1% error. It has a rise time of <250 ns. You can measure the potential, current, and auxiliary channels             simultaneously at 3.3 μs per data point! These impressive analog and digital specifications result in a cyclic voltammetric scan rate of 1200 V/s with a Step Height of 4 mV. Despite this speed, the intrinsic noise level in the Reference600 is <10 μV rms. The noise in the measurement can be reduced even further by oversampling.

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September 18, 2007