The CB2400 is a batch load animal cremation system that will accept 2400 pounds of pathological waste in an initial load and thoroughly process it in a single four hour burn cycle. The CB24Q0 is designed to accommodate the need for mass cremations and yet, can also be used to perform semi-private pet cremations as well. This model may be used to cremate horses or other large animal carcasses. The system is constructed to operate outdoors without any protection from the weather however it may also be placed inside a building if preferred. The structure of the CB2400 is also available in a horizontal orientation, for when overhead height restrictions may be a consideration. Its multi-chambered design helps to assure smokeless/odorless operation and compliance with environmental regulations. The smooth round-arch construction of the chamber linings provides superior structural integrity for long operational life. The large loading door and low loading threshold permit convenient access for loading of the waste and retrieval of the cremated remains.

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Van Es Hall
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June 10, 2009