Thomas Wiley Model 4 Mill

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Shearing Action: The four adjustable hard tool steel knives are bolted to a removable rotor. These knives work against six stationary knives bolted into the frame. The shearing action tends to avoid changes in the sample due to temperature increase, moisture loss, liquefaction, contamination, etc. caused by crushing and abrasion methods. The clearance of opposing knives is precisely adjusted for shearing clearance. Each stationary knife is independently adjustable. The fan effect of knives provides increased throughput and quick clearing of the chamber.

Grinding Chamber: The steel chamber measures 197 mm inside diameter x 76 mm deep. The hinged, heavy steel plate door provides full access to the chamber for cleaning. The clamping bolt with handwheel seals door against mill face. The neoprene shaft seal at rear of chamber prevents lubricant from seeping in while also protecting the ball bearings of the rotor shaft from sample dust.

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October 31, 2011