Whitley Workstation DG250

The Whitley Workstation DG250 is the most compact and flexible anaerobic chamber available. The following are key features and benefits of the Whitley Workstation DG250 .

Whitley's cabinets are made of rigid polycarbonate shell provides for excellent visibility to contents inside cabinet. The rigid design allows for a controlled level of positive pressure by means of an independent diaphragm pressure switch.

Unique 'rapid lock' manually-operated portholes allow both access for the operator's arms and the transfer of up to 20 x 90mm Petri dishes.

Novel 'lift-off' facility - the whole top can be disengaged easily frοm the base - allows the addition and/or removal of bulk samples and equipment.

The optional single-plate entry system enables the user to rapidly introduce individual samples into the chamber-perfect for 'on-call' or emergency use.

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August 31, 2011