Baker Optimax Bio-safety Cabinet

The SterilGARD® e3 biological safety cabinet offers an airflow management system with proven containment technology that saves energy, increases productivity and improves comfort. Each SterilGARD e3 unit features:

•Multiple energy-saving features up to 60% increase in energy efficiency.

•Safest work environment with new StediFLOW™ self-adjusting motor technology.

•Comfortable working environment available with reduced noise and vibration.

•30% more filter life.

•More energy efficient and brighter lighting system for easier viewing and reduced eyestrain.

All SterilGARD e3 cabinets also feature ReadySAFE™ mode. A unique padded armrest allows the cabinet to continue operation – and maintain A2 conditions – with the viewscreen in the close position. The SterilGARD e3 offers an idle mode that is instantly safe upon resuming standard operation. The versatile ReadySAFE mode can be used during meetings, lunch breaks and overnights to maintain safe conditions, create a quieter work environment, and save energy.

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June 30, 2014