Fragment Analyzer

Instrument to cover the full spectrum of DNA, gDNA and RNA quality control. Fragment AnalyzerTM does everything from high-resolution analysis to fast DNA separations, across the widest separation range.  Dramatically simplify life in the lab with an automated workflow that brings productivity and precision.

Innovative design features ensure reliable data, while the one-step setup reduces the risk of handling errors creeping into results, as it can with manual agarose and lab-on-a-chip methodologies. Capillaries are auto-flushed between runs to eliminate cross contamination and further underline data integrity.

When it comes time to view results, our software processes the data and visualizes it in your preferred format.  Choose the kit for your application, set the instrument and load your samples-from 12 to 288 at once.

•Run 12- or 96-capillary plates

•Resolves fragments from 10 bp to 40,000 bp

•Get resolution down to 2 bp for fragments

•Detection starts at 5 pg/µL

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June 26, 2012