MX3000P Real-Time PCR System 110V

The Mx3000P system is among the most reliable and trusted QPCR instruments available.  Offering flexibility and reliability, the systems are ideal for a wide variety of applications and chemistries (including but not limited to: gene expression analysis, microarray data validation, SNP genotyping, pathogen detection, DNA methylation analysis and chromatin immune-precipitation studies. Highly reproducible results are the product of the Mx3000P’s single light source, single detector precision optic scanning design, providing uniform excitation and detection, coupled with the trusted Peltier-based thermal system, which ensures uniform ramping and thermal accuracy. The advanced optical system used by the Mx3000P offers numerous benefits:

Eliminates optical variation by ensuring uniform excitation intensity and emission measurement from well-to-well, across the entire plate. Elimination of optical variation comes from the single-scanning fi ber optic head design that ensures:

•Each well receives the same amount of excitation light

•Each well receives excitation light for the same length of time

•Each well is the same distance from the detector

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March 31, 2014