Kingfisher Flex offers increased flexibility and throughput with the incorporation of magnetic heads for both 96 and 24 well plates. The new 24 magnet head enables the high speed processing of samples from 200 – 5000 µL in 24 well deep-well plates, providing 5x the yield with excellent reproducibility and quality. In combination with 20-1000 µL volume range for 96 well plate processing, the KingFisher Flex offers scientists highly versatile, automated magnetic particle processing for DNA/RNA, protein or cell purification from virtually any source. KingFisher Flex achieves the highest throughput on the market – up to 96 samples can be processed even under 15 minutes. BindIt Software enables KingFisher Flex to interface with liquid handling, robotics and plate stacking instruments, providing a fully automated solution and the highest throughput for all research, biotech, pharmaceutical and quality control laboratories

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June 30, 2015