PETS Hydraulics Training Simulator

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Eaton’s Training Services newly redesigned Portable Electrohydraulic Training Simulator (PETS-II) is based on many years of instructional experience and our previous, highly acclaimed designs. This fluid power training simulator is designed to ensure that those involved with the study of electrohydraulics have the most cost effective, hands-on method of presenting a practical demonstration of the principles taught within the classroom. The PETS-II unit has been designed, built and is exclusively available through the Eaton Hydraulics Training Services department with a 1 year limited warranty.


The PETS-II is a portable desktop simulator with a compact power unit that supplies flow to the directional control valve in order to accommodate up to 2-3 students at a time. The power unit is capable of supplying a total flow of 0.25 GPM at 200 psi and will operate on a standard 120VAC 15 amp lighting circuit.


The components mounted on each panel are representative of those found in today’s hydraulic applications and allow the students to visually reinforce the learning concepts. Each PETS-II unit comes with a detailed instructor guide that explains the exercises and provides a pictorial guide to ensure proper assembly.


The PETS unit comes complete with the following components: •HPU with 1 Liter Tank, 0.25 GPM pump at 200 Psi

•Extruded Aluminum Enclosure with carrying handles

•Non-feedback Proportional Directional Control Valve

•7” Hydraulic Cylinder

•5K Ohm Linear Potentiometer (Cylinder Position Feedback)

•5K Ohm 10 Turn Command Potentiometer on the front Panel

•3 Push Button Switches on the front panel for enable, and step command signals

•DIN-Rail mounted Eaton ELC programmable Controller with Digital and Analog I/O

•Din-Rail Mounted PID Amplifier

•Patch Cord Set to connect proportional lab experiments

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