Freezone Plus 6 Liter System

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Benchtop and console models of the FreeZone® 6L Freeze Dry Systems provide value and flexibility to lyophilization processes with the addition of five model options. Models are designed for use with dry aqueous materials and samples with low eutectic points. Benchtop and Console models available in -50°C and -84°C

This model includes the 6 liter pump (#197101) and 6 liter condenser (#197102), plus top chamber.

HCFC/CFC-free refrigerant for rapid, environmentally-safe cooling

Vacuum control valve maintains setpoint vacuum level to speed freeze dry process

LCD Display

Upright stainless steel collector chamber speeds and simplifies defrost

Moisture sensor protects vacuum pump

Vacuum break valve protects system from oil backstreaming during power outages and protects pump from contamination; delayed vacuum pull down allows sufficient time for collector to cool to ensure that collector traps moisture

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June 30, 2016