Automate CNC Talon LT1440 Lathe

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LT1440, 4 HP VFD Spindle 2" Spindle Bore, Heavy Cast Base, 40" Centers

The LT1440 small shop CNC big bore lathe is beefy, with a heavy cast base and heavier machine castings. The LT1440 also has a 2” spindle bore for handling larger diameter stock and workpieces.  The LT1440 is fully enclosed to assure safe operation and to keep chips and coolant contained.

Comes standard with a 6" 3-Jaw chuck, 4-turret toolpost, and manual tailstock. With 40” between centers and 14” swing, the LT1440 offers a large work envelope. The X axis has 6.7 inches of travel.

This lathe also comes standard with the Siemens 808D CNC control with conversational programming assists and on-screen programming guide.

This lathe works well in home shops and of all the AutoMateCNC lathes is the most popular for school settings.  Schools like this lathe because it is value priced but is a real CNC lathe.  Students can practice on a turning center like they will see in the real world.

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July 31, 2016