Tekscan Double Hugemat Platform

Customizable low profile floor mat system that captures multiple sequential steps for analysis of paw and hoof function and gait

 Provides data for objective and quantified analysis that is used to answer clinical and research related questions

 Modular design allows you to choose the system sensing area and sensor resolution

 Provides automated calculation of an array of gait parameters

 Identify asymmetries and pressure profile discrepancies between front and hind or left and right hooves/paws

 Monitor improvements in strength and weight-bearing

 Assess high or low pressures and deviated Center of Force trajectories due to lameness and perturbed gait

 Several configurations available to allow for multiple hoof/paw strikes review 2D or 3D data

 Low profile floor mat: 0.225 in (0.57 cm)

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Hultz Hall
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500 Hallway
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April 30, 2017