Milli-Q Integral 3 Water Purification

The Milli-Q® Integral system includes a comprehensive and optimized sequence of water purification and monitoring technologies in a single unit, allowing both pure and ultrapure water to be produced directly from tap. It provides pressurized, bacteria-free water through E-POD® (Elix®-Point-of-Delivery) units and Milli-Q® ultrapure water through Q-POD® (Quality-Point-of-Delivery) units. Water can be delivered from the system’s exclusive production unit to as many as 3 independent PODs that can be conveniently located at different places in the laboratory. Each POD incorporates a color backlit screen enabling the user to check the operation of the entire system and the water quality at a glance. The ergonomic design of the PODs accounts for the height and shape of regular laboratory glassware to ensure optimum user convenience.

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December 31, 2015