Precision Balance XPE603SN

The Mettler Toledo XPE603SN has a capacity of 610 grams with a readability of 1 milligram and comes with the innovative SmartPan™ with no draftshield. The Mettler Toledo XPE-S (small platform) precision balances incorporate the latest advances in weighing technology. The XPE-S incorporates the XPE detachable display with the innovative StatusLight™ color bar to indicate balance status. Also, all XPE-S balances incorporate a large color touch screen which makes viewing results and menu navigation a breeze. This display also visually guides the user to correctly leveling the balance with step by step instructions as to which feet to manipulate and in which directions. All XPE balances also incorporate Mettler’s ProFact™ fully automatic internal calibration and temperature adjustment technology. The 5 and 10 milligram balances feature the innovative SmartPan with minimize the effects of air disturbance on the weigh cell, delivering enhanced speed and repeatability without a cumbersome draftshield.

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June 30, 2017