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This is a machine that produces pelleted feed. In very simple terms we take mixed feed, apply steam to increase the temperature and moisture content of the feed and then press it through holes in a rotating ring-die. Our machine dates from the early 60s; it has a 50hp main-drive motor that is equipped with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) that allows us to reduce the rotational speed of the ring-die; there is a single horizontal conditioning tube where we introduce steam to the mixed feed, the motor driving the shaft in the conditioning tube is also equipped with a VFD (we are currently turning at 150rpm which provides approximately 30secs of retention in the conditioner prior to the feed being discharged into the pellet press); we use a VFD on the feeder which delivers the mixed feed into the conditioning tube – we typically produce about 3 tons an hour.

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Northern Crops Institute
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June 1, 2068