Axioskop 2 Research Microscope

The Axioscop 2 research microscope from Zeiss uses the short path length of its designed epicondenser to give brighter fluorescence and hence greater sensitivity. The high-resolution optics with good clarity enhance the information presented on slides and contribute further to the brightness, whilst the quick and easy switchover between brightfield and fluorescence gives greater convenience and faster screening. Space is provided for a broad range of filter systems for multi- labelling, transmission from UV to near IR and the flexibility to use new fluorochromes as they become available. Axioskop 2 brings the option of 50W or 100W mercury arc light sources, or 75W xenon, or both. The four position filter turret can accommodate standard single channel filters or both single and multi-pass filters, enabling each channel to be viewed separately and then combined with all colors overlaid in situ on the one field.

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Loftsgard Hall
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September 1, 1999