Coating friction, tack, wear, and chemical resistance measurements can be performed on coatings applied to glass and metal substrates using this Symyx Tools bench top system. The essential element of this tool is a disposable steel sphere fitted to a dual axis force transducer mounted to the end of an XYZ robotic arm. The spherical probe, selected from more than 100 loaded on the deck, is then brought into contact with the coating at a specified force and moved back and forth or up and down depending on the measurement being made. Challenge liquids or lubricants can be dispensed onto the coating using a pipette tip. For wear measurements, an optical profilometer and digital camera have been installed to monitor the groove formed by the abrasive action of the probe. Substrates of the micro titer plate format can be automatically delivered to the unit using a Velocity 11 BenchCell 2xTM for unattended operation.

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March 1, 2003