Eyelink II Binocular

 The EyeLink II system consists of three miniature cameras mounted on a comfortable padded headband. No mirrors are used in the EyeLink II system, making it very robust and easy to set up. Two eye cameras allow binocular eye tracking or easy selection of the subject’s dominant eye without any mechanical reconfiguration. An optical head-tracking camera integrated into the headband allows accurate tracking of the subject’s point of gaze without the need for a bite bar.

Key Features:

  • 500 Hz binocular eye monitoring
  • 0.5º average accuracy
  • Access eye position data with 3.0 msec delay
  • 0.01º RMS resolution
  • High quality computer based or scene camera eye tracking
  • Fast and simple participant setup, calibration, and validation
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Minard Hall
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October 1, 2004