AAnalyst 800 High Performance Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (p/n B3120081) complete with flame/graphite furnace, AS-800 autosampler (p/n B3001500/B3001510), 8-lamp turret, PE AA accessory cooling system (p/n 90198022), and WinLab32 PC workstation. WinLab32 for AA software features an automated motorized atomizer exchange that allows switching between flame and graphite furnace AA by a simple software command. The instrument is equipped with a high performance burner system ,TotalFlow gas controls for flame AA and a Transversely Heated Graphite Furnace (THGA) with longitudinal Zeeman-effect background corrector.
The graphite furnace system includes True Temperature Control (TTC) and integrated platform tubes providing full Stabilized Temperature Platform Furnace (STPF) conditions for almost interference-free trace metal analysis. The built-in, high-capacity AS-800 autosampler adds exceptional productivity and flexibility. OPTIONAL: AA Lamps available.
The AAnalyst 800 utilizes the industry leading WinLab 32 for AA software that brings a new level of productivity to high-performance atomic absorption.

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December 1, 2003