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The BPM Series Pelletizer was developed and engineered for the laboratory and small production runs. Based on the proven design of our larger production machines, this lab pelletizer has many of the features found only in production units. From glass filled engineered resins to soft rubber like polymers, these work horses are tough enough to get the job done. These compact units offer the same benefits found in our larger pelletizers such as: Complete access for visual inspection and cleanliness Optimum strand control due to a larger offset upper feedroll Tool-less entry to the cutting chamber Easily removable rotor and upper feedroll Maintenance free bearings Positive strand feed to the cutter Safety interlock The BPM Bench Top model BT 25 can manage four, 1/8" diameter strands of olefins and two 1/8" diameter strands of engineered resins. Standard line speeds of 20 to 78 feet per minute can be achieved. For more demanding applications we offer a High Speed option to achieve a line speed of 40 to 156 FPM. For those application requiring lower line speed, a low speed version from 4 to 40 FPM is available.

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May 20, 2005