Nanosense MKIII High Speed Camera

 PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry) High-speed cameras can be used for special situations. Such camera can be run in single frame or double frame mode.

Assume a case where the analysis base on the change between two images during a very short time. For an object moving quick through a small view field, the time between frames may sometimes need to be in order of microseconds, which corresponds to a frame rate of million frames/second. To avoid this problem, double-shutter function was developed. Then two images are captured with short separation, data transferred to memory during a long time, and again two images captured. By this method, sharp images with extreme short time separation can be made and for example catch details of supersonic motion etc.

Nanosense MKIII, with 1280x1024 at 1040 fps.

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June 30, 2007