Nano DeBEE High Pressure Homogenizer

The BEEI Nano DeBEE has the highest processing energy of any electric benchtop high-pressure homogenizer.  The laboratory scale Nano DeBEE allows users to easily adjust a wide variety of parameters to ensure the optimum process for excellent homogenization.  Pressure, flow and process duration are all independently controlled, and the BEEI homogenizing cell is the only high pressure homogenization technology that allows for control of process duration.  Likewise, the amount of cavitation, shear, and impact the sample is exposed to can be adjusted by varying the aforementioned control parameters as well as through various the instrument setup.

The user-friendly Nano DeBEE is suitable for a wide range of applications, including cell disruption, emulsification, dispersions, and particle size reduction.  The core technology - BEEI's proprietary homogenizing cell - ensures excellent results in fewer passes.

Nano DeBEE homogenizers are extremely flexible. They can be configured for parallel flow (high cavitation, low shear, low impact), reverse flow (maximum shear, cavitation, and impact), short or long process times, and a variety of processing nozzle sizes and reactors.  It has a built-in product cooling heat exchanger and is suitable for applications utilizing back pressure and a wide range of volumes.

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December 21, 2011