ZEN 3690 Zetasizer Nano

The Zetasizer Nano range of instruments provides the ability to measure three characteristics of particles or molecules in a liquid medium. These three fundamental parameters are particle size, zeta potential and molecular weight. Unique technology within the Zetasizer system allows these

parameters to be measured over a wide range of concentrations.

The Zetasizer range features pre-aligned optics and programmable measurement position for the measurement of size and zeta potential over a wide concentration range and precise temperature control necessary for reproducible, repeatable and accurate measurements. In addition other key parameters such as conductivity and with the MPT-2 Titrator, pH can be measured.

The Zetasizer Nano range has been designed so that a minimal amount of user interaction is necessary to achieve excellent results. The use of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and features such as the Folded capillary cell alleviate the need for constant attention.

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