SB8 Spray Booth

Generation III Spray Booth - Width is 96 inches inside and 104 inches outside.  Effective spray distance of 78 inches.    Features:  Standard serveo drive motor travels 0-4 mph and can be accurately controlled to a hundredth of a mph.  Spray length can be set from the entire length of travel all the way down to just spraying the center inch.  Standard touch screen controls allow you to operate the sprayer and options with the tip of your finger.  Inverted chemical container design allows use of a very small quantity of solution - virtually no waste.  Construction consists of 5/8" glass board attached to a 3/16" x 1 1/2" welded angle frame.  Sliding doors made of 1/4" safety glass.  Lined with 22 gauge stainless steel and standard all stainless shelf make the interior durable and easy to clean.  Floor of chamber tapers to center where waste chemical is collected in container under chamber floor.  Mounted on caster wheels for easy moving.  Compact size allows through standard 36" door.

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AES Research Greenhouse
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May 27, 2009