AA3 Analyzer - 2 Channel

AA3 HR AutoAnalyzer uses continuous segmented flow analysis principles to provide significant advantages for environmental applications. With reaction times, up to 20 minutes, even complex procedures like distillation can be automated. Dialyzers can be built into the system for elimination of interference from dirty or colored samples. The proprietary in-line UV digestion procedure conforms to the ISO Standard Methods for automated measurement of Total Cyanide and Total Phosphorus.

The AA3 HR continuous segmented flow analysis principles utilized makes it ideal for all types of water, sea water analysis, soil, plant and fertilizer analysis when high reproducibility and low detection limits are required. It is a reliable chemistry analyzer, with exceptional reproducibility, ultra-low detection limits and robust modular design.

The AA3 HR Autocatalyzer comprises a Sampler, Pump, Chemical Manifold, Detector and Computer. This nutrient analyzer is extended by adding a second Chemical Manifold and a second Detector. The AA3 HR Autocatalyzer then becomes a two-channel system, which measures two different analytes at the same time.

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Waldron Hall
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September 23, 2010