Quantachrome Autosorption

The Recharge Center’s Quantachrome Autosorb-1 gas sorption system is available for use. Volume-pressure data measured by the system is converted by the software into BET surface area (single and/or multipoint), Langmuir surface area, adsorption and/or desorption isotherms, pore size and surface area distributions, micropore volume and surface area. The system operates by measuring the quantity of gas adsorbed onto or desorbed from a solid surface at some equilibrium vapor pressure by the static volumetric method. The data is obtained by admitting or removing a known quantity of adsorbate gas into or out of a sample cell containing the solid adsorbent maintained at a constant temperature below the critical temperature of the adsorbate. As adsorption or desorption occurs the pressure in the sample cell changes until equilibrium is established.

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December 22, 2009