CMS-18 thin film deposition system offers wide possibilities for preparation of known and new materials and structures in the form of thin films.
Four magnetron sources allow preparation of various materials (metal, semiconductor, dielectric, metastable etc.) in a wide range of compositions and structures using deposition, code position, sequential deposition and reactive deposition processes.
Materials prepared on CMS-18 can be used in producing hi-tech products, in particular for medical implants and equipment, platinum resistant thermometers, tools with improved mechanical features and tools for working in corrosive mediums.
Technical description
Process chamber (SS 316) 45 cm dia, 50 cm height, with base pressure of about 10-8 mbar. Loadlock chamber for substrate manipulation without breaking vacuum in the main chamber. Four TORUS®3 magnetrons, powered by four separate power supplies - two DC magnetrons (0,5 KW DC & 1,0 KW DC) + 2 RF magnetrons (2 x 600 W RF). One high-strength magnet assembly mounted for sputtering of ferromagnetic materials. Substrate holder accommodates up to 6" diameter wafers. Features: adjustable target-substrate distance, rotation (up to 40 rpm), heating up to 800°C or cooling at LN2 temperature in situ, DC or RF bias. System can also work with two additional gases for reactive deposition - chemical synthesis during deposition.
Deposition processes: single source deposition (simple or composite target), code position from two or more sources, sequential deposition by shutter operation and reactive deposition with two additional gases.

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July 23, 2010