Leica 2800E Cryostat Microtome

The Leica 2800E Frigocut is a microtome cryostat which allows the user to control both the automatic and manual evaporator defrosting. Through its microprocessor controls, the 2800E Frigocut motor drive allows both vertical and horizontal specimen movement and temperature preselection for the specimen as well as the cryochamber.

The Leica 2800E Frigocut's cryochamber has three deep freeze stations and a manual drive for the microtome. This Leica model's microtome is a smooth running, stainless steel rotary type, designed for producing thin sections of 0.5 (1.0) to 60um section thickness. The microtome incorporates automatic specimen retraction in the return stroke to protect both the knife and the specimen from possible damage.

For safety reasons, the handwheel of the motor drive is designed to enable the handle to be positioned in the center of the handwheel to prevent it from rotating. The cryocabinet is an open top model that has a cooling system with a variable chamber temperature down to -40C. The specimen temperature can be variably controlled in a range from -10C to -40C independent of the cryochamber temperature.

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May 29, 2009