512B EMCCD Camera System

The thermoelectrically cooled camera incorporates back-illuminated electron- multiplying CCDs (EMCCDs). These state-of-the-art EMCCD cameras enable a wide variety of low-light-level imaging and spectroscopy applications for scientific research and industrial R&D.

The ProEM-HS: 512B is an advanced EMCCD camera on the market. It features Princeton Instruments’ patented eXcelon®3 technology which delivers the best combination of sensitivity, fringe suppression and high speed. The high speed 20 MHz, > 60 fps EM mode captures low light, fast kinetics, while a slow scan CCD mode with very low read noise is suited for precision photometry applications.

The camera system also features ultra-fast custom CCD readout for >10,000 fps at reduced resolution and linear, absolute EM gain.

The term “nanotechnology” encompasses a variety of advanced research methods for investigating characteristic dimensions that are less than ~100 nanometers. Nanotechnology helps scientists and engineers develop faster electronics as well as ultra-strong and extremely light structural materials.

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November 10, 2009