ALS Pilas Laser w/Optical Head

The PiLas Systems are diode lasers emitting very short optical pulses with pulse widths down to 18 ps (FWHM), depending on the laser diode used. The standard system consists of a digital electrical pulse generator EIG, an optical head with a laser diode and a collimating optics (paralleling optics, single mode fiber output or multimode fiber output versions are also available). The laser diodes of the various models are pre-configured to emit on a fixed wavelength within a spectral range between 375 nm and 1550 nm, i.e. from ultraviolet to infrared, based on all commercial available diode wavelengths. Typical peak powers are in the range of 20 mW to more than 1000 mW, depending on the laser diode used. The jitter between electrical trigger and optical pulse is about 3 ps - 4 ps.

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Batcheller Technology Ctr
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April 30, 2011