Allegra X-30R Refrig Micro Centrifuge

Compact and powerful Allegra X-30R refrigerated centrifuge. With a small footprint of its class and increased performance, you will save valuable lab space and priceless running time.

The X-30 Series offers packages accommodating cell culture processing, blood sample preparation, and microplate applications—all in one instrument. The highest RPMs and g-force in class save you precious time you can devote to other critical tasks.  With increased capacity, you can run more samples simultaneously.


Swinging Bucket Rotor 4,700 rpm; 4,255 x g

Fixed-Angle Rotor 18,000 rpm; 29,756 x g

Refrigeration Yes, CFC-Free

Maximum Capacity 4 x 400 mL

Run Time Timed (Up to 9 hrs, 59 min)

Hold, Pulse (Short Run)

Drive Brushless Induction

Accel/Decel Profiles 10/10

Operating Temperature  +2° C to +40° C

Set Temperature Range  -20° C to +40° C

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October 31, 2015