ICI 9640 Infrared Camera System

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This ICI (Infrared Cameras Inc)  9640 C-Series(analog) thermal infrared camera is a 640 x 480 pixel high resolution thermal system. This camera will fit almost anywhere because of its tiny size (less than 2 sq in). It also has a bulkhead mount that can be used when securing it in a fixed mount position. You can choose from any number of our available ICI enclosures for any environment from our complete line which meet NEMA 4 - NEMA 9 specifications. This high quality thermal camera system also has a 14 Bit Digital Camera Link Out.

Applications: Process Control, Robotics, Industrial Vision Systems, Aerial Radiometric Imaging, UAV Integration, Scientific Research, Building Automation, Security Monitoring and a whole lot more.

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Ag & Biosystems Engr
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April 30, 2015