AIM600 Block Digestion System

Automate Your Most Complex Digestions

 With one of the largest sample capacities available on the market, the AIM600 is a programmable block digestion system, for Kjeldahl Digestion, that allows you to carry out your acid digestions (including Kjeldahl Digestions) efficiently and with confidence.

 The unique design of the heater element ensures an even temperature across the block at all stages of the acid digestion (such as Kjeldahl Digestion). Automate your most complex digestion procedures and store these programs for reproducible digestion conditions from run-to-run and operator-to-operator.  Known for its reliability and durability, the AIM600 Block Digestion System has a covering of 316 grade stainless steel to provide the best level of corrosion resistance.

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Carrington REC
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March 23, 2016