Acer Dynamic Manual Lathe

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•HEADSTOCK: All gears are made with chromium molydenum steel and hardened & ground to its accuracy. A forced lubrication system lubricates all running gears and bearings within the headstock.

•GEAR BOX: Universal gear box offers a wide range of cutting capacity. All ranges can be reached by moving three levers and turning one rotary dial.

•SPINDLE: 1-9/16" bored spindle is made from medium carbon steel and is induction hardened & ground to its final accuracy. It also has a two-point support with both bearings being taper roller.

•APRON: Automatic feeding and threading in apron are fully interlocked to prevent simultaneous engagement of both functions.

TAILSTOCK: Keyed 1-1/2" diameter quill is hardened to Rockwell C 55° & ground to its inspection accuracy.

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Auxiliary Enterprise Bldg
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ME Workshop
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June 29, 2015