8" Variable Speed Digital Cutting Mill

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Eberbach E3703 Series Variable Speed Heavy Duty Cutting Mills

The E3703 Large Benchtop Cutting Mill features a 7.75 inch diameter sealed cutting chamber with six stationary blades and a rotating cutting head with four replaceable cutting blades that revolve at high speed to produce a shearing action which minimizes heat build-up. The R6 Model includes a 6 bladed rotating cutter head instead of the standard 4. The additional blades allows for faster sample processing and throughput.

Samples introduced through the hopper are swept around by the rotor until they are cut to sufficient fineness to pass through sieve. The hard, tool steel cutting edges on the blades allow milling of a wider range of materials, including plastics, animal feed, bones, cables, cardboard, electronic scrap, feed pellets, foils, food, leather, material mixtures, non-ferrous metals, paper, pharmaceutical products, refuse derived fuels, rubber, waste, wood and so much more. The blades are also available in 316 Stainless Steel, for use when milling potentially corrosive samples, and Tungsten Carbide, for milling harder samples.

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Widakas lab
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June 30, 2016