Basic Hydraulic Bench

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The bench is constructed from lightweight corrosion-resistant plastic and is mounted on wheels for mobility. The benchtop incorporates an open channel with side channels to support the accessory on test.

Volumetric measurement is integral and has been chosen in preference to other methods of flow measurement for its ease of use, accuracy and safety – there are no heavy weights for students to handle.

The volumetric measuring tank is stepped to accommodate low or high flow rates. A stilling baffle reduces turbulence and a remote sight tube with scale gives an instantaneous indication of water level. A measuring cylinder is included in the supply for measurement of very small flow rates.

A dump valve in the base of the volumetric tank is operated by a remote actuator. Opening the dump valve returns the measured volume of water to the sump in the base of the bench for recycling. An overflow in the volumetric tank avoids flooding.

Water is drawn from the sump tank by a centrifugal pump, and a panel-mounted control valve regulates the flow. An easy-to-use quick-release pipe connector situated in the benchtop enables rapid exchange of accessories without the need for hand tools.

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February 26, 2016