Sterilizer Vertical 50L 120V

1. Delayed Start timer: may be set to start of the autoclave up to 99 hours later.  This allows users to preset cycles the night before to complete as work begins in the morning

2. Liquid Sterilizing Course:  Exhaust valve is disabled for this course to prevent the unintentional boiling of liquids at the end of the course.

3. Sterilizing Course:  Autoclave will automatically exhaust the steam at the end of the sterilization cycle at the pre-set rate.

4. Sterilizing Warming Course:  Liquid Course with automatic warming course sterilizes then keeps agar warm until ready to pour.

5. Heating Warming Course:  Warming course melts prepared and refrigerated agar and keeps it liquid until ready to pour.

6. Recall Memory:  Cycle parameters may be stored for each cycle and recalled when the cycle is selected.

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June 30, 2015