Hydraulic Press Break Dreis & Krump model HBP 4015

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To bend metal, Press Brake machines normally use a wedge shaped upper die that force the metal down into the V shaped lower die to bend metal to conform with the tooling.

 A Back Gauge can position the metal exactly where you want it, and the Ram Depth Control is used to stop the upper die at the correct depth down into the lower die to form the angle desired. Sophisticated tooling can be used to form several bends simultaneously. The size of machine required is normally determined by the thickness of the metal and width of the bottom V-die used.

Tons: 45

Overall Length: 4' 11"

Between Frame: 3' 9"

Open Height: 12"

Stroke: 6"

Throat Depth:  12"

Motor :  3 H.P.

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November 22, 2016