FP-628 Elemental Analyzer

By incorporating state-of-the-art hardware and software technology with key improvements in overall instrument performance and reliability, the CHN628 Series Elemental Determinator makes it possible to achieve fast results in organic matrices from food to fuels. For optimum versatility, this instrument is available in flexible configurations— nitrogen/protein, carbon/nitrogen, and carbon/hydrogen/nitrogen.


•Dual-stage furnace system operates at temperatures up to 1050°C with pure oxygen to ensure the complete combustion of all organic samples, without requiring additional metal oxidizing reagents.

•Maintenance-free autoloader with optional capacity for up to 120 samples

•Optional liquid autosampler provides seamless automation for liquid samples

•Complies with AOAC, ASTM, ISO, AACC, AOAC and ASBC methods of analysis

•Easy-to-use software

•Compatible with SmartLine® Remote Diagnostics

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December 31, 2016