BiTek LFX Microscope/Imager

With Lionheart FX, you can capture, analyze, annotate and produce videos with ease. This all-inclusive microscopy system is optimized for live cell imaging with up to 100x air and oil immersion magnification. Brightfield, color brightfield, phase contrast and fluorescence channels offer maximum support for a wide range of imaging applications.

•Automated digital microscopy with up to 100x magnification

•Brightfield, color brightfield, phase contrast and fluorescence with image and laser autofocus

•Powerful Gen5 3.0 software with seamless image capture, annotation, analysis and movie maker, requiring no extensive training

•Kinetic live cell assay support with temperature and CO2/O2 control, humidity and reagent injectors

•Fully integrated and compact design offers quick installation and setup

•Able to read 6- to 1536-well micro plates

•Supports Microscope slides, Petri and cell culture dishes, cell culture flasks (T25, T75), counting chambers (hemocytometers), chamber slides, and other labware up to 1.5 in. tall

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May 31, 2017