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Vantage enables you to choose the best camera and lens for your application without any compromise in image quality or movement.  Vantage offers:

1  Exceptional image quality; Vantage enables your preferred choice of camera and lens, giving you access to superior image quality with high resolution, low light capabilities, color matching and choice of focal length. The high performance of the head movement delivers the smoothest on-air shots to elevate your production even further.

2  Easy installation and operation; The compact lightweight design is discreet with exceptionally low noise operation, and offers a powerful payload of 4.5 kg/ 10 lb, and the flexibility to mount on a tripod, a wall or a ceiling. Multiple Vantage heads and fusion robotics, as well as various PTZ cameras, can all be controlled from a single Vinten control Platform enabling you to easily and creatively utilize shots from multiple cameras.

3  Future proofed investment; As your production requirements change over time, simply swap or upgrade your camera or lens to take advantage of the latest technologies or shooting styles, and expand the functionality of the control system through additional licensed features as you need them.

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Bentson-Bunker Fieldhouse
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June 30, 2017