Purifier Delta Class II A2 Biosafety Cabinet

The Labconco Purifier Delta Series Class II A2 BioSafety Cabinet is a freestanding biological safety cabinet that gives users a comprehensive personal workspace.  This biosafety cabinet is designed to offer protection from Biosaftey Level 1, 2 or 3 containment and antineoplastic drug preparation. This biosafety enclosure is built to exhaust HEPA-filtered air into the lab, room air is drawn into the inlet grill, creating a mixture of room air, and air passed through the work area with in the plenum. The contaminated air from this biological safety cabinet is then drawn up by the blower back through the plenum where 70% is either recirculated through the HEPA filter and back over the work area, the remaining 30% passes through the exhaust HEPA filter and into the room. Air may also be exhausted via canopy, when canopy connected may be used for applications involving minute quantities of volatile toxic chemicals and trace amount of radionuclides.

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Quentin Burdick Bldg
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December 1, 2004